ESIA is the European benchmark for Strategic Intelligence

ESIA is Europe’s key Strategic Intelligence think tank
As a result of our think tank activities ESIA have developed a network of quality providers which enables us to provide the following excellent services:
Mitigate risk while operating internationally – ESIA members deliver a comprehensive range of services to answer the significant challenges corporations face when they expand internationally; or government and financial institutions face when they conduct due diligence regarding overseas partners, investments and borrowers.
Quality research-based solutions and advice – ESIA is a unique organisation that helps clients to solve their most challenging research questions and delivers tailored research-based solutions and advice, to the highest standards of quality.

Headquartered in Paris, ESIA and it’s network of trusted intelligence professionals is managed by ABDM. ESIA is a non-profit association co-founded by ADIT and ABDM. A network of 300 consultants from more than 20 nationalities in 150 countries.


The ESIA’s mission is to continually develop its global network, investigative capacities and comprehensive range of services. These will include all of the necessary research, analysis and advisory skills to support our clients with their international operations, anywhere in the world.


Our vision is to develop an alliance that uses multi-disciplinary teams to solve the most demanding and complex business problems anywhere in the world.


Our values are excellence, rigour, teamwork and mutual support among members.